I had been attending Cancer Progress for about a decade before Defined Health, now Cello Health BioConsulting, had the opportunity to acquire the meeting. What struck me then was firstly the caliber of not only the speakers but also the attendees. Secondly, the conference represented a mixture of basic science, clinical issues, and industry perspectives, rather than being another opportunity for data presentations. Both aspects are well illustrated in this anecdote: Sitting at lunch the first day of my first conference, I was seated between the head of Strategic Marketing at a leading Oncology Pharma company and the CEO of a leading Oncology Biotech company, where we engaged in a spirited discussion about how early one should undertake commercial analyses on development stage assets. In the nearly a decade since we acquired the conference, we have striven to expand on these virtues and to further emphasize the triangulation of scientific, clinical and strategic issues that are a reflection of our knowledge-based consulting practice. The sessions are an engaging mix of expert academic researchers and clinical Oncologists, along with industry executives, whether the CEO, CSO or COO at a small, pre-commercial biotech or the VP or Director at a major BioPharma in charge of R&D or BD&L. The sessions are not slideshows but spirited dialogues amongst the panelists and with the audience about key issues that we all face as part of the ecosystem whose sole purpose is to bring important new drugs to cancer patients.

As we enter a new phase for the conference as part of Cello Health, we look forward to making the event an even more special, not-to-be-missed Oncology conference.