This November, San Fransisco will host the second ‘Disorder: The Rare Disease Film Festival’ screening over 50 films across two days. The festival aims to address the challenges patients face living with rare disease through film and documentary.

The festival was founded by Bo Bigelow and Daniel Defabio, two fathers of children with rare diseases (USP7 genetic mutation and Menkes disease respectively). Both Bo and Daniel have directed films which will be screened during the two day event documenting their children’s life with rare disease.

The event will bring together industry experts, rare disease researchers and patient advocacy groups to share experiences, raise awareness and drive research into these rare conditions. With an ultimate goal to “inspire conversations about translation applications of current science, lead to new paths for research and save lives”

The festival’s pharma sponsors, all with an invested interest in rare disease, include Sanofi Genzyme, Takeda, CSL Bering, Ultragenyx and Vertex. For more information, including a full list of films, please visit the link below: