Digital strategy in healthcare as part of the wider digital health environment is coming more and more into focus at the large established biotech and pharma companies. Everyone appears to acknowledge that they need a “digital strategy” for their business but only few have publicly discussed parts of their approach.

Recently, the most prominent example of big pharma’s digital strategy is the collaboration of Novartis/Sandoz with Pear Therapeutics on the first FDA approved digital therapeutic, reSET and reSET-O. In this article, the president of Sandoz US and the VP of strategy, innovation and analytics discuss the company wide digital strategy. Novartis has 12 dedicated digital “lighthouses” focusing on a variety of digital opportunities “That span a whole range of activities from how do you use AI and automation all the way through to prescription digital therapies.” Interestingly from a corporate strategy view is that the digital therapeutics “lighthouse” is based within Sandoz, their generic and biosimilar division. Sandoz is taking the lead in the digital transformation of Novartis businesses at all levels.

The bottom-line? Maybe the immediate value for digital engagements is in combination with generic products as a LCM approach. Novartis seems to think so – what is your view?