I recently attended the Wired Health Conference at the Francis Crick Institute in London. Dolby Laboratories’ chief scientist Poppy Crum described how new consumer devices and technologies are helping us understand and identify the signals and signatures we ‘give off’, how we interact with each other and the space around us.

I was particularly inspired around how ubiquitous sensors in our homes, on our streets and in our workplaces, connected with wearables and devices worn on our bodies will be able to pick up subtle changes in our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing – predicting illness and disease before they occur. In her talk, Poppy Crum explores various patterns in our speech, our eyes, in our bodies and even our breath. Ongoing monitoring and measuring will be critical in earlier diagnosis, prevention and intervention.

Watch this talk if you are interested in exploring how devices may end up knowing more about us then we know about ourselves.