After turning its attention from home delivery of almost anything you can imagine, perhaps it's not surprising that media reports are starting to connect Amazon with the drug store environment, with some analysts expecting a major announcement within the next 1 - 2 years. 

On-line pharmacy chains have grown rapidly over the last few years, offering a plethora of services in addition to simple product delivery. 

High street pharmacy has begun to fight back however, taking up a stronger position as the affordable, accessible community based healthcare centre. Around the world, pharmacy chains are transforming their services, attracting new customers and seeking to relieve the burden on overstretched physician communities, from vaccinations to smoking cessation, cholesterol testing to health living advisors. 

For patients with chronic conditions, having greater control of where and when their medicines are delivered provides some benefits for sure. Acute conditions - where purchases are driven largely at the point of distress - less so. 

Yet, there are many legal and regulatory hurdles for anyone trying to revolutionise this dispensing model. Delivering the occasional book or the odd toaster, or that rain coat you need for the weekend is one thing, but do consumers really want their potentially life saving medicines delivered by the same people?