Healthcare competitor analysis is an imperative element of understanding competition, threats, weaknesses and strengths. It enables companies to assess their position in the market, interpret key trends, making it easier to manipulate the focus on strategies and development of their own products. It provides a platform for business development, whether you’re a new business, or you’re drawing up a business plan to expand your company. Understanding your competitor’s capabilities gives insight to not only how you can progress in the market, but will empower you to make informed decisions to get ahead and have the first foot in the door.

The benefits of competitor analysis

Analysing how your competitors are performing gives you acumen of their company profiles, their strategic position and the likely developments that will occur. It enables you to view the landscape on what to expect, their resources and initiative strengths and weaknesses. For example, if they are developing new products and will need to recruit and train staff to fulfil their requirements, you may already have the necessities to work quicker. Healthcare competitor analysis evaluates current and potential competitors, assessing recognised strategic actions, responses and effects on the value of competing organisations in the industry. Competitor analysis helps a business to focus on direct competitors and potential new competitors through a pharmaceutical marketing strategy.

Healthcare competitor analysis is incredibly important in identifying and flagging up immediate competitors in the market and there are several components that provide the most accurate information. Studying market trends and patterns gives current insight and can predict future developments. Grasping present strategies by competitors including the strengths and weaknesses will identify its resources and objectives, anticipating forthcoming threats and opportunities.


Benchmarking is a process in healthcare competitor analysis where a company’s performance metrics and operating systems are compared to the top performer in the industry. This should include all elements of the business including products, organisation, finance, services, technology, research and development. By identifying a benchmark, experts in healthcare competitor analysis can compare processes and results of the business they are consulting with and the market leader. Comparison can be made on the entire organisations or just the key areas of development such as product delivery. This facilitates the expert to categorise the areas that need improving and can determine the adjustments needed for better performance to be a more superior market leader.

Why competitor analysis is essential

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and competition is greater than ever. Competitor analysis has become an essential part of business development, especially now the market has become even more saturated with companies developing assets. The success of a business strongly relies on having a competitive edge in the industry which will in turn build a loyal customer base that is increased over time. It’s crucial to retain dedicated customers by nurturing and supporting them, so competitor analysis can also establish why they are buying from you, instead of another company. The cost of products, product differentiation, branding, service and marketing are all imperative fundamentals that drive a customer’s decision to either continue buying your products or become a new customer. Healthcare competitor analysis therefore is a critical contribution to making your business a success in the market.